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Hi guys! Hope your all feeling Christmasy.

I know you've all been working so hard. Hopefully this will make things a little easier.

Remember....the script is an outline. Have fun with it, add bits if you like.


Set in santa's work workshop


Narrator: Oh hello, You're probably here about the story. Elves love to tell stories. I bet you didn't know that about elves. There’s probably lots you didn't know about elves. Did you know that there are only three jobs available to an elf? The first is making shoes at night, while the old cobbler sleeps, lazy bum. Couldn't even make a clog.

You can bake cookies, in a tree, but that can be quiet dangerous

Old Elf: (screaming) I want to make shoes!!

Narrator: but the third job, some call it “the show” or “the big dance” well that is the job that every elf aspires to, and that is, to build toys in Santa's Workshop.

Head Elf: Only two weeks left until christmas!

All Elves: YEAHY!!

Head Elf: this is a job only elves can do.

Elf 2: We have nimble fingers

Elf 3: Natural cheer

Elf 4: Active minds

Elf 5: perfect for building toys!

Narrator: No human has ever set foot in Santa’s workshop, well that is until 10 years ago.

It was a cold Christmas Eve night in 2012, when Santa was delivering gifts all over the world. His last delivery of presents was to a children's home in wallsend.

That is when little baby buddy snook into Santa’s bag. Santa had no idea!

Enter buddy carrying hot chocolates for everyone

Buddy Elf: Hot chocolate! I made us all hot chocolate, because we have been working so hard.

Narrator: He has no idea he’s Human

Buddy elf spills the hot chocolate all over some toys

Buddy: woopsy I made an oopsie!

All the elfs groan

Narrator: Cleanup on aisle 3, soft toys

All elves try to clean up, Buddy looks sad and goes to sit at his own work station. The elves shout over to buddy.

Elf 1: don’t worry buddy

Elf 2: its ok we dont mind

Elf 3: We can do it

Elf 4: It was a lovely idea, Buddy!

Elves whisper

Elf 1: he still doesn’t realise he’s not a real elf

Elf 2: shhh it will hurt his feelings, if he knows he's a human

Elf 3: He needs to get a different job. Head elf please give him something else to do.

Head elf: Buddy I have a very important Christmas task for you.

Buddy: For me? Of course, how exciting! I'm ready for the challenge.

Head elf: Here is the List! (hands over the naught or nice list)

Buddy: The list!

Head elf: I need you to visit the children on the naughty list. We still have time to get those children back on the nice list. Buddy it's up to you, to show them it's not too late to be good.

Buddy: You can count on me. Bye everyone! Good bye

All eves: Bye Buddy!

Music comes on, buddy exits stage and all the elves carry off their props and exit stage. Enter Greedy child and all her toys. Mam is frantically trying to get the room cleaned.


Narrator:This is the GC, she is top of the naughty list. All she ever does is mess her room up, destroy her toys, she takes everything she has for granted and she has a bad attitude.

Buddy: looks like I have my work cut out for me here.

Mam: This bedroom is so messy. All I ever do is clean up after you. I wish you would look after your things.

Greedy child is not paying any attention to her mam. She is too busy playing with her toys in a destructive manner

Mam: Are you even listening to me?

Greedy Child: Oh this one is broken (throws toy away)

Mam: don't throw away your toys like that.

GC: I will just get a new one off Santa

Mam: What makes you think Santa will bring you new toys? How will he even get in this room, you always leave it in a mess.

GC: I will get everything I want for christmas. I want…A giant LOL house, new barbies, playdough, slime, racing cars, a drum kit, new trainers, and I WANT A NEW I PAD!

Mam: Christmas isn't all about toys and gifts you know. It's not about how big your pile of presents is. It's about spending time with your family and friends. It's about being happy and grateful for all that you have.

GC: Well, everything I have is rubbish. You never get me anything I want. You're the worst mam ever!

Mam: Time out! That is a horrible thing to say. Straight into bed for you, young lady.

Mam exits and the GC gets into bed and falls asleep. All of the toys wake up.

Toys begin to move around and hear the mam coming back in the room, they freeze and fall to the floor.

Mam: GC, what have you done to your room? I told you not to make a mess.

GC: It wasn't me. I never got all these toys out.

Mam: I’m not listening to these lies any more. Help me to put everything back at once

GC: I’m not telling lies!

Both the mam and GC put all the toys back into the right place. Mam puts the GC back to bed.

Mam: Good night, try and get some sleep. We can talk about your behaviour in the morning.

GC: whatever!

Mam leaves and GC goes back to sleep. Toys reawaken and begin to move around to music in the space. The toys should not be able to move properly because they are broken.

Toy 1: She never looked after me

Toy 2: me too

Toy 3: me three.

Toy 4: she has broken off one of my wings

Toy 5: she throw me away after my batteries ran out

Toy 1: something has to be done about the way she treats us

Toy 2: and her mam

Toy 3: she's being so rude, always want, want, want.

Narrator: the toys hatched a plan

Buddy: Im so shocked by what i have just seen

Toy 1: I know what we should do! Lets write an email to santa and ask for help.

All Toys: yes great idea!

Narrator: So that is when santa decided to get his best elf on the job

Buddy: who me?

Narrator: That's right! Quick, the toys need your help. Fix what needs fixing and get GC back on the good list.

Buddy comes down the chimney

All Toys: WOW an elf!

Toy 1: That was fast!

Buddy: you can call me Buddy

Toy 2: fix me Buddy elf

Toy 3: please fix me next

Toy 4: and me too.

Buddy fixes all the toys

All toys: Thank you Buddy elf.

Buddy: Now to wake up GC

Buddy goes over to where GC is sleeping and gently wakes her up

Buddy: My name is Buddy

GC: Arrrrrrrhhhhh

Buddy looks over to the narrator for help

Narrator: remember your elf training.

Buddy: Don't be frightened, the best way to spread christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear

GC: I don't like singing

Buddy: it's easy, “I’m in wallsend, and I'm singing, I’m in wallsend and I’m singing.”

Narrator: Go on your doing great

Buddy: You have been treating your toys very badly, and you haven't had a very nice attitude to your parents. I want to show you the real meaning of christmas. Follow me.


Buddy: this family believes in Christmas traditions

Show a family putting Christmas decorations on

a tree

Buddy: This family is happy because they are spending it together.

Christmas Dinner goes wrong but it doesn't matter.

GC: maybe christmas doesn't come from a store, maybe christmas means a little bit more.

All sing some where only we know

Dance to Elton John and Dua Lipa Cold heart

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