Aladdin Script for weekday students

Scene 1

Friday class Alfie, Bailey,Ella-mae, Edie, Jack Slee, Meila, Eabha, Quynn

(Rex) Genie:

Ah, Salaam and good evening to you worthy friend.

Please, please, come closer-- Too close, a little too close. There.

Welcome to Agrabah.

(pulls the MAGIC LAMP out from her sleeve.)

Do not be fooled by its appearance. It is not what is outside, but what is inside that counts. This is no ordinary lamp! It once changed a young man's life.

Perhaps you would like

to hear the tale?

We start in the market town.

Cue music. Urfaliyam Dagliyam

Enter dancers with scarves, after 1 min Aladdin and Abu enter along with a market seller Ella-mae

Dancers exit music fades

(Alfie) Aladdin: I'm starving

(Bailey) Aladdin’s brother: Me too, I haven't eaten in weeks.

(Ella-mae) market seller:

Fruit, Vegetables, fresh bread!

Enter Jack who buys some bread and begins to eat it down stage right

Jack walks by

Aladdin: Please sir can I have a bit of bread?

Jack: No street rat!

Aladdin: Rude

(Bailey) Abu: This is no good, you will have to steal that apple.

Aladdin: Not again, if the police catch me, they might chop my hands off.

Abu: pleeeeeaaaaaassssseeeee

Aladdin: Fine, but you need to distract the shop owner.

Abu: How?

Aladdin: show him a magic trick.

Bailey walks over to shop owner Ella-Mae

Ella-Mae: Apples, apples come and buy your delicious apples

Abu: Hi, can I show you something really cool?

Ella-Mae: no i'm busy selling apples, go away street rat!

Bailey continues to show Ella-mae a trick while Aladdin steals an apple.

Aladdin: Come on Bailey, stop wasting her time. Good bye miss!

Ella-Mae: Apples, apples 5 for £1

A little starving child enters

(Meila) Child: I’m so so hungry, please can anyone help me.

Aladdin looks over to the child

Abu: Don’t even think about it!

Aladdin takes the apple to the little girl and hands it to her.

Aladdin: do you think you can do another magic trick?

Abu: Oh aladdin, why do you have a heart of gold?

Everyone exits the stage

Scene 2

Monday class Edie, Allana, Jack mathews, Annie, Annalise, Letty

Jasmine and her dad the Sultan storm on stage after having a big argument they sit down on chairs

(Edie) Jasmine: I don't want to get married.

(Jack Mathews) Sultan: You need to get married, if you want to be the queen.

Jasmine: I said no dad. Please don't make me

Sultan: Just look at these lovely princes, who want to meet you.

Jasmine: Ok fine, but I'm not making any promises.

Sultan: (shouting) …Jaffar?

(Alanna) Jaffar: Yes your majesty ?

Sultan: Can you ask the princes to come in now please.

Jaffar: of course… Hey! Princes! The Sultan wants to see you. Move your butt.

Princes enter, Annie, Annalise, Letty

Prince Letty: Jasmine you should marry me!

Prince Annalise: No me!

Annie: No me!

Letty: but I am the best!

Annalise: I will give you anything you want.

Annie: I’m the strongest. Please marry me

Sultan: Don’t fight! What do you think Jasmine?

Jasmine: NO, NO, NO!!!

The princes all stamp their feet and leave. Jaffar enters.

Jaffar: Sultan may I talk with you?

Sultan: Yes of course

Jaffar puts a spell on the sultan with the magical staff

Jaffar: You should let me Marry Jasmine.

Sultan: I will let you marry Jasmine

Sultan goes over to jasmine still under the spell

Sultan: You will marry my most trusted adviser, Jaffar.

Jasmine: I will not. This isn’t fair!

Jasmine runs off stage, sultan runs after her

CUE music Operasyon CVRTOON

Dancers with scarves

Jaffar moves downstage centre



(laughing) my evil plan is working, soon I will be the ruler of Agrabah, and people will bow to me!

(walks over to the magic mirror)


Wake up! I have news!

(jack) MM:

This better be good, I was just in the middle of a great dream


I've done it, I've finally done it!