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Acting Classes for Children North Tyneside

Acting Classes for children in North Tyneside. Since opening our doors in 2011, we’ve been committed to helping students pursue a hobby they love.


Ramsey's Theatre Stars set out with the vision that performing arts should be accessible to everyone and not just the privileged few.




whats the drama?

Drama builds a persons confidence and self esteem . It adds layers and depth to your character and lets you shine in the most expressive way.


Benjamin drama

Drama Classes For Kids

How do I join and whats it all about?

Is it all singing, and dancing?

Is it full of exams?

Come and try a trial session, for just £5, before you sign up for the term.

Meet the teachers and see the venue, to get a feel if it's right for you.

We operate in a relaxed manor without the stress or pressure of exams.

That way the children can truly express themselves without judgement.


Acting classes can help children:

  • Build Confidence

  • Improve Social Wellbeing

  • Find fantastic friendship groups

  • Learn to be part of a team

Most importantly, our classes are:

  • Fun

  • Energetic

  • Structured

  • Educational

saturday rising stars

 Acting Class

Dropping my two children off for their first class Saturday and they and myself were welcomed with such positivity.

Jenny has great energy and is very welcoming and accepting of each childs individual needs.

She made both my children feel comfortable and they thoroughly enjoyed their first class and are excited for next week.

I think these class will be great for the kids. It gets them away from technology and they can use their imagination.

I highly recommend this class for your kids


Can’t recommend these classes enough! My little boy has been coming for a few year now and the difference in him is amazing. Helped with his speech when he was younger and built his confidence up so much! Jenny is a fantastic teacher and always makes the kids feel so relaxed. I also take my little girl to the baby classes and they are brilliant as well. My little girl is always so excited and already knows the actions to the songs 5* all round

K. Slee

This is by far the best group my daughter has ever been to. She is free to express herself in any way she wishes and Jenny moulds that expression very cleverly into her sessions. Nothing is ever forced yet she learns so much. In a time in her life which is quite unstable at the moment, RTS has been the solid reliable thing each week for her to anchor to. Thank you so much. I really appreciate all you have done for her and she LOVES her drama class. 🙂❤️

B. Graves

My 2 girls (ages 4 and 7 ) had a trial today , I was a very nervous mam as the youngest is quite attached! Jenny made her feel very welcome, involved and at ease. To where she was getting high fives and cuddles at the end of class, this is very rare to people she doesnt know. Jenny also made my oldest very welcome and she had the best time ever!  I was booking next sessions before we left the trial!! My girls were singing Jenny's praises when we got home. I would really recommend this class :) x

L. Sheen

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