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We offer interactive drama sessions within schools and can cater to themes or topics any class is currently working on. 

Our sessions leave a fantastic lasting impression on students and our unique inclusive approach, means all children feel like they have gained something special from the workshop.

Drama workshops within schools give an extra dimension to learning as well as implementing life skills such as

  • Speaking and listening

  • Confidence and self esteem

  • Team work and individuality

  • Creativity

Most importantly, our classes are:

  • Fun

  • Energetic

  • Structured

  • Educational

We have worked within several schools over Newcastle and North Tyneside delivering quality drama workshops

Some of the schools we have worked in include:

Denbigh Primary Nursery   

"Thank you to Ramsey's Theatre Stars for an amazing drama session on Tuesday. The children loved it and I’m certain many of them will take you up on your drama offer!

St. Cuthbert's Primary 

Southlands School

Woodlawn School

Greenfields Community Primary

The Family Tree

Childrens choice nursery

Christ Church Primary school


whats the drama?

Drama builds a persons confidence and self esteem . It adds layers and depth to your character and lets you shine in the most expressive way.


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School Workshops

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