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Full on Drama

Mixed ages

4-5 pm


Rising Stars

5-8 years

4-5 pm


Rising Stars 5-8 years

4-5 pm


Just Act 9-12 years

5-6 pm


Twinkle Stars Nursery 9 am

Rising Stars 5-8 years 10 am

Just Act 9-12 years 10 am

SEND Act mixed ages 11 am


Children's Theatre classes 

Ramsey's Theatre Stars is a children's theatre that encourages children to explore their creativity and build their self-confidence. Our mission is to provide a space for children to learn the fundamentals of theatre while having fun and developing their skills and confidence.

We offer classes and workshops that teach children the basics of acting, improvisation, singing, and movement. Our experienced instructors provide a positive and supportive environment for our students to explore their creativity and develop their talents. We also offer theatrical performances that give children the opportunity to showcase their skills.

Twinkle Stars

Drama for Nursery children


Kids acting school. Performing arts for nursery children. This class is full of energy. The session has singing, dancing, role play and dress up. It is jam packed with fun, juice, snacks and crafts.

We start our session in a calm and friendly way and sing to all of the children by name using makaton. Giving the session a more personalised feel. That way the children begin to recognise, not only their own name in sign language but the names of their new friends.

Saturday 9am

Self esteem is linked to learning.


A child who believes they are capable; is more likely to do well. 

Drama promotes a sense of strong self worth

Self-reliance and self-esteem:enabling children to take risks safely in a supportive and challenging environment.

Acting out scenarios lets children explore emotions in a free and creative space. 

Rising Stars

Performing arts for children from 5-8

Creating stories, singing songs, playing drama games and dress up are all part and parcel of this fabulous drama group.


A performing arts group that will let your child grow in confidence and develop their creative side as well as having fun and making friends.

Wednesday 4pm

Saturday 10am

art classes for children

City Park studio Art

A creative art class based in North Tyneside
for children aged 6-12

City Park Studio-Art is a fresh and exciting new class. Are you looking for an art class for children in North Tyneside, who love anything creative?

From painting water colour portraits to exploring Picasso, this class has everything colourful to satisfy those creative needs.

Is is a professionally taught class by an in house established artist and fashion designer and like all the groups held in our studio, it is fully inclusive.

Tuesday 4:30

Thursday 4:30


mixed ages

Performing Arts is for everyone regardless of their abilities. Each one of our sessions cater for children who are:

  • neurotypical,

  • neurodiverse

  • disabilities. 

Our room is wheelchair accessible and autism friendly. 

Even though all of our classes available are inclusive, we also have a specific session designed for children who have special educational needs and disabilities.

Saturday 11am

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