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FREE Drama Workshops

FREE Drama Workshops for schools throughout May and June 2022.

Ramseys Theatre Stars is proud to announce that throughout May and June, there will be several free, one hour, drama workshops available, to schools in the North East.

It is no secret that the cost of living at the moment is at an all time high. Many families and schools will be tightening their belts and batten down the hatches, when it comes to spending money.

Sadly some of the first things to get cut are after school clubs and performing arts.

After such a horrendous blow for small businesses during the pandemic, Ramseys Theatre Stars saw a huge demand for children needing access to performing arts. As soon as we were able to re open properly, parents flooded in, saying how much their child needed a confidence boost and a creative outlet.

Performing arts and drama imparticular have so many benefits for children. Lots of children learn best through role-playing. A child's happiness and wellbeing is improved as well as having social interaction, making friends and and great memories.

Above all else, drama is fun!

Here at Ramsey's Theatre Stars we truly believe that performing arts should be accessible to everybody, because every single child deserves the right to be creative.

For all of these reasons and many more, we have several free workshops available on Mondays before 2pm and Tuesdays before 2pm.

Please ring or email to book.


Director Jennifer Nicol

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