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Here at Ramsey’s Theatre Stars, we are proud to be fully inclusive company. We believe that every single child deserves the right to be creative and perform.

We offer Performing arts classes to children in the North East. The classes include

  • Acting

  • Performing

  • Singing

  • Movement

  • Spoken word

  • Directing.

Sometimes finding the right after school activity for your child can be a challenge.
Every Single class we offer is fully inclusive and with the added benefit that all of our staff have qualifications to enable us to work safely with your child. However if a more structured class is better for your child, we offer an SEND class on a Saturday.


SEND Activities Performing Arts

Special Educational Needs Drama

Drama makes learning more inclusive because it uses a combination of learning styles. For example drama uses:

  • Visual, spatial learning

  • Verbal language learning

  • Auditory learning

  • Physical learning

  • Logical learning

  • Social and solitary learning

This makes drama the perfect tool for any child’s needs.

Even though we welcome all children in every class, we also have a class specifically for SEND children.


In this class, our program provides verbal instructions for pupils with reading difficulties, and visual promts.


We focus on improvisation and devised drama pieces rather than scripted work.


Our sessions give immediate feedback and tailor our activities to be concise and clear.


Most importantly these sessions are still fun! 

Benefits of SEND performing arts classes

Strong friendship bonds are made in drama because the children laugh and learn together, week after week. Drama is such a social art form, engaging in this activity results in positive outcomes for self-esteem and self-worth.


The feeling of belonging to a group with common interests is hugely beneficial to a child’s happiness and well-being. This is especially true if a child has been previously excluded from social situation as a result of their particular needs.

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