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Performing Arts Benefits

What are the benefits of performing arts?

Performing arts benefits a person in many ways. By performing arts, I mean when a person:

· Acts

· Sings

· Dances

· Or does anything creative in front of an audience.

Performing arts benefits

The benefits of performing arts can be continual from childhood development through to adult life.

Performing arts can be extremely enriching and valuable to a person.

It can help to create well rounded, empathetic individuals.

How can performing arts help children’s personal development?

When a child is encouraged to explore their emotions, it helps them to learn how to vocalise how they might feel or act in certain situations. They become better at expressing themselves more effectively.

Role play

performing arts benefits, role play

Role play is hugely important for child development as it gives them a safe space to step into a new character.

It will help a child to learn empathy.

In addition, to test the boundaries of right and wrong in a social interaction.

Creative arts stimulation

Stimulating the right side of the brain, through creative arts, expands a child’s imagination. Furthermore, this will help them to navigate the world around them.

Performing arts self expression

A child doing performing arts will find happiness in self-expression and in turn will develop

  • confidence

  • reduce anxiety

  • promote self-esteem

Acting, singing and public speaking not only develops a child's vocabulary but helps to improve relationships with peers.

Performance skills for adult life

In adult life, the skill of performance can be seen to empower people in their jobs. For example:

  • public speaking

  • leadership skills

  • teaching

  • building a strong character for a job in law enforcement

It is even used for people to stand up for their rights or demand change.

Above all, it brings happiness to the performer and the audience.

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