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Childrens Entertainment North Tyneside

Childrens Entertainment North Tyneside

Have you heard about our service for childrens entertainment North Tyneside?

Children’s entertainers take the hassle out of planning a party. Furthermore making your special event stress and pressure free.

If you're looking for someone to keep the children happy and engaged during a special event, then look no further.

Childrens Entertainment North Tyneside - Friendly

We have a friendly approach and bags of enthusiasm when it comes to children's entertainment.

Our party entertainer will conjure up a magical world of make believe through:



clever use of props


Together with the children's imaginations, to truly entertain all.

We can not only occupy the children, but teach them some

acting techniques

dance routines

some songs

North Tyneside Party Options

Option 1

10 minutes character visit, on your doorstep, completely distanced with no contact.

The beauty is you can stay at home, it’s affordable. We even bring a pressie for the birthday girl/boy.

Option 2

Birthday Party

1 hour of fun and frivolity. We do our best to exhaust your party attendees.

Princess Party North Tyneside

For a Princess Party our entertainer would be dressed as a Princess.

All of the games would have a Princess theme. For example if it was for a particular frosty Princess Party we might have a snowball game. In other words we would use white pompoms and aim them in to a container.

The winner receiving a Princess themed prize.

Another game would be pin the carrot on the special (you know who) snowman’s nose 😊

Pirate Party North Tyneside

This is one of our all-time favourites. Boys and Girls love it. They can come to the party in their best pirate outfits. Then our entertainer arrives dressed as a pirate with plenty Ooooo Arrrrgh 'n lots more t' entertain yer whelps 'n poppets wit'

We play pirate themed games including

Walk the Plank

Don’t Wake Up the Captain

Treasure Hunt

It’s fun and interactive party session.

Circus Clown Party

Some kids love the circus and clown’s. Our entertainer arrives in a clown costume and get’s the kids involved in circus fun!

Our chocolate game is really daft and silly and kids love it.

That’s what this party is all about.

Letting your hair down, losing your inhibitions and most importantly joining in and having fun.

Special Requests

If your child has a special interest then let me know. I will try my best to accommodate and create a party especially for them.

Please make sure you have followed us on Facebook and Instagram.

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