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With so many childrens groups on offer; here are reasons why we may be best suited to you.

We are known for our fast paced energetic classes and physical activity increases brain development, fitness and a healthier life style. we build confidence and self-esteem The more creative activities that a child does, the more intelligent that child becomes, this is because the left and right hand side of the brain is stimulated encouraging a more balanced learning environment.

We aim to develop social skills

We encourage self expression through roleplay which nurtures self esteem and confidence.

The dancing and movement section improves a childs alignment, flexibility, strength and stamina overall health and fitness.

We are friendly and approachable

Through years of working with young children and children with special educational needs, it is vital to work at a pace that suits the family. We are proud to be a fully inclusive group that focuses on the wellbeing of each individual, rather than the pressures of targets and competitions.

We promote independence

This is best measured through dedication and continued participation in the classes.

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