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Theatre Group North Tyneside

A Theatre Group that is out of this world.

Theatre Group North Tyneside

Finding the right theatre group for your child can be tricky.

  • Will they settle?

  • Is it going to be too much pressure?

  • Can I really afford to send them every week?

  • What if they are frightened?

  • Are the teachers strict?

Ramseys Theatre Group North Tyneside

At Ramseys Theatre Stars all of the worry is taken away. My name is Jennifer and I set up Ramseys Theatre Stars back in 2011.

The children, aged 2-18, are welcomed to our theatre group with open arms into our laid back and friendly environment at an affordable rate.

Creativity is the main aim. We have weekly classes in which children are encouraged to

  • perform

  • act

  • sing

  • dance

We never force them. They are given gentle persuasion until they are ready.

Nurturing Theatre Group for Children

Each child comes with an individual different set of worries or insecurities and personalities.

We will always support and nurture the children throughout the creative process. You will find that we are extremely approachable and realistic with our expectations.

Theatre Group North Tyneside

Fully Inclusive Theatre Group

Here at Ramseys Theatre Stars everyone shines! Our group is fully inclusive. I am continually updating my personal development and learning to ensure that I can provide the best service possible to your child.

The "tools in by tool belt" include:

  • Degree in Performing Arts

  • Advanced Acting

  • B'Tech National Diploma in Performing Arts

  • NCFE in Performance Skills

  • OCR Performing Arts

  • Understanding Autism

I am currently completing a Safe Guarding Course.

If you have any questions please do contact me and I will be happy to answer them. Please also find us on Facebook and Instagram

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