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Northern Stars Talent Show

Ramsey's Theatre Stars has been asked to take part in a charity raising event for a food bank in Gateshead. Our brilliant JUST ACT Friday team have taken on the challenge.

For a lot of our students this will be the first time stepping out onto a big stage, in front of a huge audience. What better place to start than the beautiful The Little Theatre in Gateshead. Next to Saltwell park.

It will be a long day for our students and there will be the added pressure of competing. Waiting will feel tedious at times and full of nerves at others. Being in a new environment hearing the noise from all of the other performers, experiencing the darkness of the wings, living in the hustle and bustle but feeling alone in your thoughts and terrified of forgetting lines or not being loud enough. The courage, mental stamina, and confidence this takes is massive!

They can only take away good things from this event... their sense of pride once its done, helping a charity, their self esteem will improve, the feeling of companionship from their team mates, the happiness of being a performer and overcoming nerves, as well as the adrenaline rush straight after coming off stage and wanting to get straight back on.

I'm already beaming with pride!

The current schedule for the event is for all performers to arrive at 4.30pm which will create the opportunity to meet the team, do any rehearsals and do sound checks. Doors for the event will open at 6.30pm, and the show will start at 7pm.

The bar upstairs will be open on the night, however there isn't allowed any drinks inside the auditorium. There will be a break between the show, half way through, this is also giving anyone the opportunity to get a drink before the second half of the show.

There are going to be two winners for the event, a judge winner and an audience winner, the prizes consists of a cash prize split between each winner and there are two spots at one of North east community future events.

On the night, as well as the show there is going to be a raffle taking place, this is for the audience or performers to get involved and win some prizes which

will therefore help an amazing local charity. The prizes will include: bottles of alcohol, chocolates and many others. There is going to be the option to either have one individual raffle ticket or a strip of 5 tickets. Individual tickets will be £1 and then a strip of 5 will be £5.

There are still tickets available. click here for the link. There will not be any tickets on sale on the night of the event. we will not allow anyone into the venue without a ticket on the night.

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