Halloween script one




Calling all the monsters-song and opening dance

All students on the stage to dance. Then exit stage right.


-Amelia, Bobby, Isla, Aiva enter stage

Carrying various camping equipment

Amelia: This looks like a good place to camp for the night.

Aiva: I'm not sure, looks a bit creepy

Isla: Do you have any better suggestions?

Aiva: Yeah, let's all go home.

Bobby: Come on Aiva, don't be frightened, we haven’t even started telling spooky stories yet.

Amelia: I’ve got the fire wood.

Isla: I've got the snacks for our midnight feast.

Bobby: Does anyone know any scary stories?

Aiva: I do!

Amelia: I thought you were too afraid?

Aiva: You will be once you hear my story. Once upon a time, there was a child, who had no mother or father, this poorly lonely little child ended up in a horrible place, where children worked day and night. They are cold and dirty and are only fed gruel. This treacherous place was known as a workhouse.

Food glorious food begins to play on the PA, cast exit stage and take all props with them,


Wednesday students enter. Students line up, one behind the other, down stage right backs to the audience. Singing and marching

Daisy (Mrs Bumble) and Edith Smith (Miss Bumble) carry on paper bowls, a cauldron and ladle and stand down stage left.

Jack Slee, freya+ sofia, Rex +Cas Hutchinson, Josh Perkins, Marnie + Fabian Nicol, Edie Hope McCloskey line up and march towards the Bumbles, receiving a bowl of disgusting gruel. Music is playing.

“Is it worth the waiting for? If we live 'till eighty-four, All we ever get is Gruel.

Everyday we say our prayer, Will they change the bill of fare, Still we get the same old Gruel.

There's not a crust, Not a crumb, Can we find, Can we beg can we borrow or cadge.

But there's nothing to stop us from getting a thrill, When we all close our eyes and imagine

Food, glorious food, Hot sausage and mustard. While we're in the mood, Cold jelly and custard.

Peas, pudding and saveloys. What next is the question

Rich gentlemen have it, boys


Daisy: Shut up and eat your dinner!

Edith: Well hurry up then!

Daisy: OOOOh miss Bumble shall we get our dinner?

Edith: Yes. What should we have?

Daisy: pizza?

Edith: mmmm delicious

Daisy: Then Jelly and ice cream for pudding?

Edith: Come on, I'm starving.

A whisper is passed down the line.

Marnie: You want me to ask for more?

Everyone: YEAH!!

Marnie: Why me?

Everyone: You’re brave!

Marnie: OK

Marnie crosses the stage to the Bumbles.

Marnie: Please can I have some more?

Daisy: MORE!!??

Edith: Cheeky child!

Daisy: What will we do with her?

Edith: Let's drop her off in the spooky forest and leave her!

Daisy: Great idea.

Daisy and Edith take Marnie off stage left.

The rest of the children make a plan.

Rex: We can't let them get away with this!

Jack: We need a plan.

Fabian: Let’s put a spell on them.

Joshy: Lets get ingredients

All the children grab various ingredients and put it in the cauldron.

“I put a spell on you” begins to play. The children mime mixing up the spell.

Daisy and Edith enter

Daisy: What are you up to?

Edith: Children, answer us!

Rex: Right everyone, Let’s get them!

The children start laughing and grab handfuls of potion. They chase The Bumbles off the stage and out of town!

All children to the right wing.


Amelia, Aiva, Bobby and Isla enter carrying camp fire, sticks with marshmallows and sit centre stage.

Amelia: Aiva, that was a scary story! What happened to those two horrible bosses?

Aiva: the children threw the potion onto them and they turned into a puff of smoke

Isla: Really? What happened to the rest of the children? Who looked after them?

Aiva: They ran off into these very woods trying to find the little girl who asked for more.

Bobby: Did they find her?

Amelia: Why did they go to the woods?

Isla: Oh I've heard this story before, “the children of the woods” Mrs Whitehall read it to us in English. Apparently, all of the children got lost. Local people started a search party, after they heard strange noises coming from the woods at night.

Bobby: Oh that's really freaking me out!

Aiva: Ever since then, on halloween, local kids come down to the woods to look for the children of the woods

Amelia: Wait, that’s what my next story was going to be about. Once upon a time a very naughty little girl, who’s nickname was Goldie Locks, crept out of her house.

Aiva: Did she meet the three bears?

Amelia: not quite…

The Cast exits to the right wing.


Friday Students enter, and stand down stage.

Charlotte: Once upon a time, there lived a little girl

Amelia: Her name was Goldie Locks

Lilah: She was Naughty.

Fabian: She never listened to her Mam and Dad.

Charlotte: Goldie locks, where are you?

Thomas: She ran away into the forest.

Bella enters the stage

Bella (Goldie Locks): I’m never listening to anyone, ever again!

Fabian: She got lost in the Forest.

Bella: It’s beginning to get dark, I better look for somewhere to stay.

CAST make scary wood creature sounds

Bella: Oh I’m not frightened!

Marnie, Charlotte, Amelia, Lilah are evil wood fairies. Scary music.

Marnie: Follow us. We know where you can stay.

Fairies move around the stage in a creepy way. Thomas and Fabian make a house. All the fairies go through the doors, one at a time. Goldie locks (Bella) takes her turn last. Fabian and Thomas bring their arms down and trap her in the house!

Bella: Argh you tricked me!

Marnie: Naughty girls get tricked!

Bella: I am not naughty!

Thomas: You ran away from your Mam and Dad.

Bella: I’m sorry. I will never do that ever again!